About Us

Safety & Environmental Associates, Inc. (SEA)

A woman-owned safety, industrial hygiene, environmental, and training service firm headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, specializing in saving compliance dollars for clients.

Our Mission

SEA's Mission is to be highly responsible to you, our customer, by providing integrated, safety, hygiene, environmental, and training  programs to help you achieve risk management, overall compliance and preserve productivity.

Our Promise

SEA's Promise is to provide you with these capabilities at increasing levels of automation and integration as the needs emerge, and to do so in a cost efficient manner with minimum disruption to your business.

Our Programs

SEA uses a series of systematic, integrated compliance programs that insures that the regulatory requirements are effectively managed on a day-to-day basis. These computer and management programs ensure overall compliance and accurate, complete, on-time reporting thus reducing potential liability and possible fines.

Our Services

Compliance & Audit Programs

  • ISO 45001 Safety Management System Development and Auditing
  • Site-Specific Compliance & Maintenance Programs
  • Site Specific Training designed for Cross Generational Learning
  • Industrial Hygiene and Health Services
  • Indoor Air Quality and Meth/Mold/Microbial Services
  • EH&S Permit Preparation and Reporting
  • Ergonomics Assessment and Audits

Environmental Management Programs

  • RCRA Waste Stream Management
  • Environmental Emergency Response
  • ISO 14001 EMS Development and Audits
  • Waste Management Consulting and Disposal
  • Environmental Site Assessments (ASTM) – Phase I, II, & III

Whether a client requires a sophisticated approach to an environmental, health or safety problem, or just a simple answer, SEA has the expertise to develop effective solutions and save compliance dollars at the same time!

Our Training

SEA’s professional training division includes instructors who have a good working knowledge of the regulations and exceptional classroom delivery. In addition, they have extensive hands-on experience in the areas of industrial and construction safety, industrial hygiene, environmental emergency response and site remediation. With a knowledge of the regulations and the practical insight of the instructor, students are exposed to all the factors necessary for mastery of the subjects taught. Courses offered by SEA are designed to meet or exceed all requirements of the OSHA, DOT, EPA, and other gency regulations. These courses are scheduled throughout the year in SEA’s Little Rock training facility, but are available for site-specific presentation throughout the United States. SEA will also customize your course to meed site specific needs.

Our Management Team

SEA’s approach to project management is a team effort. Team members lend their individual experience and talents to each project insuring that all compliance issues are effectively managed and reflected for complete regulatory compliance. Each project is evaluated to determine the scope of work and to match team resources with specific needs of the client.

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