Environmental Services

A full line of environmental services for air, water, waste, IMDS, and remediation solutions.

SEA offers environmental reporting and consulting services, and site management in the following areas:
Sustainability (IMDS, Green manufacturing, Energy Audits)
Air (Permitting, Risk Management Plan)
Water (Storm water, waste water)
Oil & Petroleum (SPCC)
SARA Title III (Tier & TRI (Form A-R) reporting)
Site Management (ISO 14001, On-site management)

Hazardous materials lab packing services

The Problem

Do you manage a warehouse, laboratory, hospital, school, medical facility, factory, or operation that uses small containers (usually less than 10 gallons each) of chemicals including:

  • Solvents
  • Acids
  • Bases
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IMDS (international material data system) services

SEA, Inc. offers a full range of IMDS services, including data research, collection, entry, and QA/QC; product/component review; turnkey administration; parts data management (PDM) systems analysis; IMDS strategic planning; and communication & training programmes.

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ISO 14001: : Environmental management system

ISO 14001

The International Environmental Management (EMS) Standard, is increasingly being seen as a strategic business requirement by a growing number of organizations of all shapes and sizes. This has mainly been in response to pressure from key customers demanding that their suppliers conform to ISO 14001.

SEA has developed a unique system that can reach EMS registration (certification) to ISO 14001 without being an expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. SEA Implementation Plan for ISO 14001 has been proven on several clients nationwide.

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3 ways green manufacturing helps businesses

he overall idea behind green manufacturing is to encourage businesses and manufacturing plants to implement environmentally-friendly practices. Throughout the country, state agencies are taking active steps to promote pollution and waste reducing industrial practices. Not only does the environment benefit from green manufacturing, but by implementing eco-friendly policies, businesses and area communities are positively impacted as well.

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New EPA proposal will change clean water act reporting requirements for set clients

New changes to the Clean Water Act reporting requirements will affect many businesses throughout the nation. It is important to understand how these changes will affect you and your company to ensure that you remain compliant with EPA standards.

The EPA’s proposed changes to Clean Water Act reporting requirements require those firms still submitting paper-based NPDES reports to convert to electronic reporting. According to the Agency, the switch will improve compliance with Clean Water Act specifications as well as facilitate improved protection of U.S. waters.

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SEA delivers the power of ISO 14001 Registration for your company

Comprehensive assistance for companies in managing ISO 14001 registration requirements and creating comprehensive environmental management systems. ISO 14001 Registration

The International Organization for Standardization, more commonly referred to as the ISO, establishes standards for a wide range of industrial processes and products and for corporate activities. These standards provide valuable conformity for consumer products and offer guidance for companies in implementing new policies and procedures.

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What you may not know about chemicals in your facility: Hazardous materials management might be required

Comprehensive meth, crime, and trauma scene clean-up services.

Chemicals and hazardous waste materials are common in many work places. Laboratories, schools, warehouses, factories, medical facilities, and many other establishments have chemicals present, and the containers used to store them are standardized by various regulatory agencies. Often, the containers and materials inside of them can become contaminated, out-of-date, damaged, or unneeded, and must be disposed of following the procedures set forth by the government.

Disposal of hazardous waste and lab decommissioning is regulated by many government agencies and must be completed by a certified specialist familiar with proper federally mandated policies.

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Save compliance dollars and insure proper reporting.

ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and regulatory compliance programs

Site clean-up and management.

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