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SEA delivers the power of ISO 14001 registration for your company

Comprehensive assistance for companies in managing ISO 14001 registration requirements and creating comprehensive environmental management systems.

The International Organization for Standardization, more commonly referred to as the ISO, establishes standards for a wide range of industrial processes and products and for corporate activities. These standards provide valuable conformity for consumer products and offer guidance for companies in implementing new policies and procedures.

The ISO 14001 standard focuses on environmental management systems in the workplace environment and offers valuable advice for companies in creating and implementing policies related to environmental performance and control.

The SEA Implementation Program offered by SEA Inc., can provide comprehensive assistance for companies in managing ISO 14001 registration requirements and creating comprehensive environmental management systems for the corporate workspace.

Increasing demand for ISO 14001 compliance

According to the ISO, registrations for ISO 14001 standards increased by six percent between 2010 and 2011. This increasing level of registration may be due in part to a higher degree of consumer and corporate environmental awareness; green-friendly companies are more likely to achieve positive customer service ratings and added business in the modern marketplace. Reducing the environmental impact of corporate activities is an important goal for many shareholders; as a result, ISO 14001 registration can be a valuable tool in establishing green-friendly credentials and in reducing energy costs for modern businesses.

An overview of ISO 14001

Although ISO does not dictate specific requirements for ISO 14001 registrations, it does outline the steps most companies must complete to create and implement an environmental management policy for their workplaces. In general, these ISO guidelines fall into four primary categories:

Compliance with applicable laws and regulations Proactive efforts to prevent pollution and to reduce the use of energy within the workplace environment Ongoing efforts to adjust, improve and increase the efficiency of the policy in decreasing the company’s environmental impact Independent third-party analysis and auditing of the policy to ensure its effectiveness

The SEA Implementation Program can provide expert help for companies throughout the planning and implementation process for ISO 14001 compliance.

The SEA Implementation Program process

SEA Inc., provides an innovative new way to approach ISO 14001 registration. By streamlining the planning and implementation process, the SEA Implementation Program provides companies with continual feedback on their progress toward registration and the effectiveness of their environmental management plan. The SEA Implementation Program includes the following stages and steps:

> A comprehensive ISO 14001 baseline audit that identifies the strong points in environmental management as well as any areas where improvements can be achieved

> Consulting services that provide an objective view on the policy’s successes and shortcomings and that identify possible solutions for various issues and technical difficulties

> Expert auditing services before the registration to ensure the most positive results possible

> Post-registration auditing services designed to promote continuing compliance< /li>

ISO 14001 registration assessments must be performed by a qualified third-party auditing firm. These independent auditors will evaluate the environmental management plan and assess its effectiveness within the workplace using the same criteria employed by the SEA Environmental team. This increases the likelihood of successful registration and ensures the most productive use of corporate resources in achieving this valuable professional credential.

The added visibility and credibility of ISO 14001 registration can boost your corporate reputation in the competitive marketplace. Additionally, the cost savings of reduced energy consumption and lower waste management expenses can add up to greater profitability. Contact SEA today to put the power of this valuable corporate credential to work for your company.

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