Mold Testing

How to get RID of Mold

The presence of mold in a house or apartment is almost a certainty if the right conditions exist. The spores and the proteins and other elements in mold often cause negative reactions in respiratory systems in humans and their pets. Some forms of mold actually produce micotoxins that can cause illness, even death. Thus it is very important to identify if contamination exists in a residence, and if it is, how to get rid of mold.

It is possible, given the knowledge, tools and expertise, that an individual may remediate the mold themselves. However, since the health of a family unit is at stake, it is best to rely upon the services of a professional company that specializes in removing mold. In this manner you are assured that the vendor hired knows how to get rid of mold that has invaded the residence.

Only three conditions must exist before mold can attack a residence:

Moisture – this can be in the form of water infiltration, leaks or just condensation.
Nutrients – mold feeds on organic materials; the paper on wallboard, the paste in wall-coverings, cellulose in building materials, biological contamination and others.
Time – the time to grow and develop into a colony.

Mold spores are often spread through an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system. Thus it is important that a program of removing mold include this system central to most modern residences.

The first step taken by a professional mold removal company is a mold inspection. This determines the location of the infestation and the extent of the spread. It will also tell the remediator how to get rid of mold, what steps he must take to make a home a healthy and safe environment again. Once the mold inspection is completed, the mold is attacked, killed and prepared for removal.

The mold removal is not the end of the process. The mold removal company will have a program to assure that the mold will not return. This will include using mold resistant coatings and paints, eliminating the conditions that allowed the mold to form in the first place and insuring that they will not return. To learn more, use the online contact form to contact SEA Inc.

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