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5 Tips for Removing Mold from your Home

It is well known that mold is the cause of numerous respiratory and allergy related health issues. Children and infants are especially susceptible to these effects, and it is important for a house to be completely mold-free for a family to be healthy. Unfortunately, mold can and will grow anywhere: The microscopic spores are impossible to completely filter out of the air, and they can grow with only a small amount of moisture. Mold removal can be a DIY project. These tips will help you get started on the process.

1Use a dust mask or other respiratory protection. Mold will often grow in areas with little ventilation. It can be harmful to breathe in concentrated amounts of spores, so invest in a quality mask.

2Research your chemicals thoroughly. Mold can be treated with anything from soap and water to bleach. You may need to try multiple solutions before you find one that removes your mold, and some of these chemicals can create poisonous gasses when combined, even in the smallest amount.

3Replace any contaminated porous surfaces. Carpet, drywall and even furniture can be impossible to fully rid of mold. Spores can settle deep into these materials and continue to grow. Be prepared to remove these items and replace them.

4Don’t forget to check your HVAC system. Because it moves air through your home, mold spores can gather and grow within your vents. You’ll need to clean inside these small spaces and make sure that filters and crevices are completely clean. Removing mold from these tight spaces can require special equipment or supplies.

5The most effective thing you can do is rid your home of dampness and moisture. This may be something as simple as a leaky pipe or condensation, but it might stem from foundation issues or faulty appliances. A dehumidifier may pull some moisture out of the air, but it can’t compete with a water leak.

Complete removal of mold requires a top-to-bottom house cleaning, often utilizing special chemicals or tools. You will need to detect and remove every single colony of mold to ensure that it will not grow and spread. If you are not trained in identifying and removing mold, it is likely that you could miss some. Don’t take the chance with your family’s health: If you are not completely confident in your abilities, consider a professional. It’s simply not worth the risk. Contact SEA Inc. today by calling 501-568-3111 or using our online contact form.

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