Is Your Company Ready for a Safety Audit? How SEA can Help!

A workplace safety audit takes a snapshot of the safe work practices that employees use. The announcement of a safety audit generally results in some discomfort among management, supervisory staff and even the workforce. While everyone knows that safety equipment and usage rules are in place for work place safety, a realistic appraisal of daily practices shows that workers sometimes cut corners. At times, the safety precautions may seem too burdensome to seasoned workers who are well-versed with the workings of a machine. Other reasons for occasionally not using all the safety equipment available include efforts to save time and the personal confidence that “just this once” nothing bad will happen. Not surprisingly, when an OSHA safety audit is announced, there is quite a bit of anxiety. Safety experts have come to realize that most employers furnish all of the required safety equipment to their workers. Companies also ensure that all affected employees receive proper training in the use of safety gear and safe workplace practices. When injuries do occur, there is generally a determination that workers engaged in unsafe behavior in spite of available policies and gear. What are some of the telltale signs that your company may not be ready for a safety audit?

  • Certified Indoor Environmentalist
  • Safety equipment is largely unused. If safety gear is still in its original packaging or shows very little wear, there is a good chance that employees only use it infrequently.
  • Management insists on last-minute worker training sessions. It is possible that some supervisors have ignored lax safety practices. If management insists on doing some training sessions prior to an audit, this is a warning signal that staff members are not working safely as a matter of daily practice.
  • No recent audit by a compliance specialist. The employer has not engaged the services of a company specializing in compliance audits. These professionals evaluate daily workplace practices to note unsafe behaviors that would lead to failing marks from a government evaluator.

Preventing workplace injury requires full cooperation from management and the workforce. Safety audits evaluate the level of cooperation the employer receives. Results help employers to reinforce the training procedures that are already available. In a few cases, the audit helps a company to minimize liability by instituting new procedures or purchasing updated safety equipment. Doing a compliance analysis of training materials, schedules and accident reports also helps pinpoint possible weak points in a company’s ability to adequately train its workforce with respect to safety practices.

Employers realize that safety violations are not necessarily clear at the corporate or supervisory levels, particularly if these violations are part of the daily flow of work being done. If there have been no injuries, a manager or supervisor is unlikely to stop and consider the safety of a procedure.

Safety & Environmental Associates, Inc. is the company that employers call for workplace safety training and auditing. Specializing in compliance evaluation, reporting and instruction, SEA Inc. offers training courses and in-person evaluations. Employers may contact SEA Inc. online or by calling 888-627-8740.

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