Safety & Environmental Associates Inc. (SEA) a woman-owned Little Rock-based environmental health and safety service company, makes it easy and economical to comply with EPA regulations. SEA provides complete environmental services, including planning, training and automated reporting.

Celebrating 27 years of professional education services, Safety & Environmental Associates, Inc. (SEA) has taking training beyond the chalkboard. It has been our belief throughout the years that if we can get the student to automatically think or behave progressively what we call “Unconscious Competence” then the Environmental or Safety program can effectively grow. Using audience response techniques designed to establish a connection between the trainer and participants, SEA’s training systems have proven to increase attention and comprehension by the student beyond that of traditional training.


For any company, coordinating a successful training event is always a vast undertaking. For a participant to truly learn, they must first be willing to engage in the subject. And for them to engage in the subject, they must be active in the learning process. Studies have shown that the adult recall in the learning process depends on how active a person is in the training. “People remember 90 percent of what they say and do as opposed to 30 percent of what they see and hear. Although kinesthetic learners retain best, they make up only 5 percent of the population whereas visual learners make up 65 percent and auditory learners, 30 percent.” (Mind Tools 1998)

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