SEA’s Safety Management Systems’ OSHA 10 hour training for construction workers provides best practices to keeping everyone on the job safe, healthy, and OSHA compliant.

If you work in construction, you have heard of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA. OSHA sets federal guidelines designed to protect employees, customers and clients; businesses are legally required to follow these guidelines. An OSHA regulation violation can lead to stiff penalties, and more importantly, can also create a hazardous, or possibly even deadly, construction zone. OSHA compliance is often complicated because of the many rules and guidelines. Without proper training on best practices for construction zone safety, infractions can become commonplace. SEA’s Safety Management Systems offers an OSHA 10 Hour training class for construction safety and health to help avoid such infractions.

Why OSHA 10 Hour Training?

Our OSHA 10 Hour training class is designed to help business leaders, supervisors, safety managers and their team familiarize themselves with these mandatory OSHA regulations. This all-day seminar is tailored to those in the construction industry, to be as pointed and thorough as possible. In a single one-day session, the OSHA 10 Hour training class for construction workers imparts the knowledge necessary OSHA compliance and construction zone safety.

OSHA Standards

Classes such as OSHA 10 Hour training are important to businesses because of the sometimes dense language of the OSHA standards, or certain rules that are not well known within an industry. SEA’s professional and experienced instructors know these regulations inside and out, and during our training seminars, the federally mandated rules are explained and detailed for a more comprehensive understanding. Additionally, our instructors cover tasks for health and safety that construction workers and supervisors must complete for OSHA compliance as well as tips for those in construction management.

Customization for Your Industry

Several courses offered here at SEA are tailored to construction workers. Each OSHA 10 Hour training course is focused on teaching applicable information. The instructor’s customized lesson is dedicated to constructionspecific safety concerns, which helps to ensure that relevant concerns and questions will be addressed. Of course, a broader base of information about OSHA standards is provided in our other training courses as well.

Benefits of Training

The overall point of OSHA 10 Hour training is to help participants recognize, avoid, and prevent hazardous workplace and job site situations. This leads to greater safety, which is important, but the training provides other benefits as well. Through this training, participants will learn how to avoid common penalties and fines associated with noncompliance, and covers employee rights in the area of health and safety. Finally, it also teaches how to communicate effectively with officials from OSHA and discusses the OSHA workplace accident reporting practices.

With the proper understanding, your workplace will be safer, and accidents and resulting lawsuits can be avoided. The OSHA 10 Hour training program through SEA Environmental Inc. is very beneficial. One of the best ways to learn best practices for construction workers, or other industries, it to enroll in one of our training courses online. Our upcoming Little Rock course is accepting participants now. You can also contact us to learn more about training services.

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