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ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

ISO 14001

The International Environmental Management (EMS) Standard, is increasingly being seen as a strategic business requirement by a growing number of organizations of all shapes and sizes. This has mainly been in response to pressure from key customers demanding that their suppliers conform to ISO 14001.

SEA has developed a unique system that can reach EMS registration (certification) to ISO 14001 without being an expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. SEA Implementation Plan for ISO 14001 has been proven on several clients nationwide.

SEA Implementation Program include the following services:

SO14000 Executive Management Briefings: SEA conducts briefings, which provide an in-depth review of the ISO 14001 requirements, the potential benefits of registration and the legal/regulatory impacts of pursuing registration. Selecting Environmental Performance Indicators for ISO 14001: Selection of appropriate environmental performance indicators is key to becoming ISO 14001 registered. SEA provides consulting assistance and in-house workshops to assist in reviewing your environmental aspects, setting environmental objectives, selecting performance indicators, establishing matrixes and measurement procedures.

> ISO 14000 Baseline Audit and Gap Analysis: SEA conducts a baseline audit and/or gap analysis to compare your current environmental management system against the ISO 14001 requirements to determine where your system conforms to the standard as well as those areas where changes are needed.

> ISO 14001 Registration Assistance: Consulting assistance provided on an as-needed basis to ensure your ISO 14000-registration process stays on track. SEA works with wide variety of clients allowing us to provide a third party, total system perspective and technical solutions you may not have considered.

> ISO 14001 Pre-Registration Audit: SEA’s ISO 14000 certified Lead Auditors will conduct a pre-registration audit to insure that your company is ready for registration.

> ISO 14001 Post-Registration Audit: SEA’s ISO 14000 certified Lead Auditors will conduct a post-registration audit to insure that your company is maintaining the provision.

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