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3 ways green manufacturing helps businesses

he overall idea behind green manufacturing is to encourage businesses and manufacturing plants to implement environmentally-friendly practices.

Throughout the country, state agencies are taking active steps to promote pollution and waste reducing industrial practices.

Not only does the environment benefit from green manufacturing, but by implementing eco-friendly policies, businesses and area communities are positively impacted as well.

1. Green Manufacturing Reduces Costs and Increases Productivity in the Long Run

Green manufacturing processes are often more cost-effective than traditional manufacturing processes. For example, an energy efficient piece of equipment that has replaced the gearboxes with direct-drive motor technology can improve operating efficiency from 60 to 90% on average. Implementing similar “green” mechanics may be more expensive initially, but can significantly lower production costs and save businesses money in the long run. In addition to lowering production costs, more efficient practices mean increased productivity, which often results in quicker turnaround times and product fulfillment.

2. Green Manufacturing is Healthier for Employees

How can improving manufacturing processes improve the health of employees? Consider the effects of equipment running on alternative or “clean” energy rather than gasoline. This equipment will produce significantly less carbon monoxide (none if switching to electricity) reducing, and in some cases eliminating health hazards of working equipment that is running idly. Green workplace environments are not only good for employees physically, but can also increase company morale. A 2009 study conducted at the University of Central Florida revealed that today’s generation of employees is more critical of green practices in the workplace. If strategically developed and implemented, green practices can increase employee motivation and engagement. Employees who care about the environment and work at an eco-friendly organization are ultimately healthier, happier contributors to the company’s success.

3. Green Manufacturing in Arkansas Helps Take Care of the Environment

Of course, a major reason for businesses to incorporate green manufacturing practices is sustainability and environmental protection. Manufacturing by-products and facility waste have a tremendous impact on surrounding communities, but the eco-friendly steps that are implemented can reduce a company’s carbon footprint and help make a positive, lasting change on the world.

The state of Arkansas, my home state, actively promotes green energy initiatives. The Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s Energy Office manages the federal energy funds of the state and promotes efficiency by offering informational programs to the public. Through this office, business owners, residential consumers and contractors can keep up-to-date on the latest energy saving initiatives and incentives offered at the state and federal level

Start the Process Today

Are you ready to take the next step toward green manufacturing? SEA’s EHS Management Systems offers environmental consulting services and site management for sustainability and green manufacturing. Contact an SEA expert today to assist your company in reducing costs, increasing productivity, and taking care of our planet for future generations.

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